Best Flight Simulators for Google Earth

The simulator that’s been getting the most attention recently is GeoFS. It is free, features global scenery, and runs in Google Chrome. Whether you are an aviation enthusiast, a licensed pilot practicing VFR, or just looking for something to do, you will enjoy this highly realistic simulator and its high-end features.

GeoFS comes with 20 available aircraft, ranging from liners to paragliders. Players can use it anywhere in the world.

It has the following features, among others:

  • Multiplayer functionality
  • 10-meter global satellite images
  • World high-resolution terrain
  • Runs on mobile, Linux, Mac, Windows
  • 30,000 referenced runways
  • Joystick support
  • Real-time weather forecast
  • Global satellite images

GeoFS is based on the 3D globe technology Cesium, just like Google Earth. This tech can provide realistic, global, highly detailed landscapes. When usingGeoFS, you get high-res satellite images and photo-realistic aerial images. The simulator is particularly appropriate for VFR practice.

Depending on the time of day, you can light the environment dynamically. PAPI and runway lights are also rendered on major runways to help users with their approach slope and at night.

The navigation map features traffic positions, air space charts, and up to 30,000 clickable runways, from which you can choose to take off. Clicking anywhere on the map lets you take off from any height at any point on the globe.

You can use a “location selector” to fly directly to pre-set locations you’re curious about, or just search for a specific spot and be transported to it instantly. It’s possible to fly absolutely anywhere in the world. It’s really amazing, like nothing else.

The basis of the flight model is the Thin Airfoil Theory, according to which lift, stall, and drag on all aircraft surfaces is simulated in real time. However, processes and controls are simplified so you can take off in fractions of a second, even if you don’t have any experience.

Each aircraft is developed to accurately reflect speed, climb rate, maximum altitude, and other real-life performance aspects. All the main tools, albeit simplified, are function-rich and accurate. Some of the most detailed planes offer advanced shading (bump mapping, reflection, etc.) and an animated virtual cockpit.

The system collects real-time weather data from and uses it to generate wind, temperature, pressure, and cloud coverage among other atmospheric conditions that might affect your aircraft.

The best about GeoFS is that it’s simple and realistic at the same time. It runs a true to life physics simulation. The wind and terrain interact to create dynamic lift, enabling users to soar along ridges and above cliffs with paragliders.