Flight Simulators Used to Teach Real Pilots

According to experts, full flight simulators are used to train military and airline pilots. These simshave cockpit representations of indicators, lights, sounds, handles, breakers and switches, and controls with resistance and appropriate pilot loads. They feature relatively accurate views from the windows and reliable motion onset cues.

Level C Simulators

Trainees use Level C simulators of this kind for all except the takeoff and landing phase. Level D simulators feature takeoff and landing cues, so they are frequently used for all training. However, they are a lot more expensive than many imagine – up to $20 million, in fact.

Level D Simulators

Ideally,a pilot in training would get to use a Level D, which simulates full flight. It also depends on requirements – induction line training can differ from recurrent training dramatically.


Some pilots usethe Swiss simulator Elite, which includesspiral dive recovery and diversion. If you’re in diversion mode, you have to wear a mask which keeps you from seeing out of the cockpit,so you can’t rely on your vision to orientate the aircraft. Elite is very helpful and affordable according to people who’ve used it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft has made available the software needed to simulate flying a Boeing 777 realistically. The software giant itself describes its Flight Simulator as the perfect complement to real-world flying and formal flight training. It lets pilots in training adjust complicated controls to guide a plane against the backdrop of varying weather conditions.

Admittedly, it is not easy to move from software to landing an airplane successfully. According to aviation expert Bob Hager, you need a lot of practical experience to do this. The expert says that the hardware is the main difference between whatpilots use to train and what you can buy on Amazon. Pilots use expensive simulators that replicate everything from plane motion to physical flight controls during training.

The Future of Sims: Redbird Skyport

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved Redbird Skyportto launch a program using full motion sims to help future pilots learn how to fly. No minimum time in a real airplane is required.

Recent progress made in the flight simulation industry is spreading throughout the community. The number of flight schools that is coming to appreciate the benefits pro pilots have always had is rising fast. Redbird has plans to create a new type of training by establishing simulators as the starting point. The company, which is in the simulator businesses, was started by a former Dell Computer executive. It manufactures a wide range of flight training devices that run the gamut from huge, full-motion simulators to relatively simple desktop trainers.